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About SIOT

The burning desire of Saraswati Institute of Technology is to produce the tomorrow’s competitive technosavy greenhorns to meet the challenges ahead of today’s society. It is our goal to explore individual’s talent and sharpen the technical skills to compete with his own unknown incomparable abilities to shine the realities of the future. Saraswati Institute of Technology is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE); recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE).

With our education system that matches global standards, we endeavor to give a rewarding and fulfilling experience to our students. The best education leads to all-round development of an individual. We also stress on the importance of extra-curricular activities and conduct various sports and cultural events through the year. Comprehensive development is achieved with strong emotional quotient and personal grooming. The excellence our students imbibe reflects in their personal and professional lives.The most important feature of the Saraswati Education Society and Re Vera Instiute of Technology, which is quite different from other such organizations, is that it is based on collective effort made by every individual, working with a spirit of team work. Long term planning, meaningful administration and a dedicated and experienced work force, a full fledged library and well equipped laboratories are few of our strong points which are worth mentioning.

Saraswati Education society lays special emphasis on providing the best possible infrastructure for learning in all its campuses. All the existing and upcoming institutions of the Society are provided with spacious buildings to accommodate reception, office, classrooms, staff rooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshop, library, computer centre, auditorium, conference halls,examination hall, recreation centre for staff and students, sports rooms, canteen, and placement cell. All the buildings have been elaborately furnished and fitted with the necessary fixtures. There is a 24-hour back up in case of power failure, so that the teaching and practical work are not hampered.